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Wow just wow, if you are interested in getting stealth products and completely discrete product @MPG has this nailed down.

  • Communication: 9 ( I think protonmail was an issue)
  • Delivery: 9 ( if you follow much of what I post there was a misunderstanding and I will be glad to explain that if you deem it necessary to ask)
  • Presentation: 9.99 (labels are amazing, and mpg definitely spent some extra money on his vials)
  • Visual quality: I will report this number when I use the product… you’ll understand when you order! )

No visual defects in product, no floaters, seal is tight, rubber stopper doesn’t move, no crimp marks, or visible areas for contamination! For sure amazing stuff!
Once mpg gets back in contact with me I will post gear porn for you!

I have not used this yet and I can pretty much guarantee you with a 100% that MPG is definitely going to be my go to guy!
Product selection is great, price is by far very reasonable and within or beats most competitors!

josh – UGM Forum

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