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Welcome to MPG. We are a semi-stealth supplier of Anabolic Steroids.


What is semi-stealth?

Semi-stealth means your product is in a vial but not labeled as an anabolic. It will be under injectable vitamins.

Why semi-stealth?

We are not trying to convince people that our products are “pharmacy” products. For this reason we decided to mask the contents to legal substances on the market.

This provides protection several ways. If a pack is opened, if a vial is found by a spouse, girlfriend, friend, probation officer. You get the picture. There is no reason to label “steroids” all over a vial when in most jurisdictions the steroids are illegal for possession. A preview of the item can be viewed here. Note labels and caps may change depending on our supply.

Can I ask a question?

You may contact us [email protected] for any questions. Please use a protonmail address for sending. Protonmail is free and readily accessible with no server logs, and end to end encryption on both sides. This is for our safety and your safety.

How are payments made?

Bitcoin is preffered method but we also offer Western Union and Moneygram for orders over $200. We use an outside service to handle these and lower sales are below their minimum. Please continue to place an order here and contact us via email to [email protected]

Where do you ship from?

We have domestic warehouses for shipping. Items such as gh will also ship domestically.

Minimum Order $100


***HGH*** Domestic Delivery- Please note we are selling these very fast they come in. However we will let you know when there is a wait and will always ship direct from one of our domestic wharehouses. These sets will come with no labels. CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER WITH MORE ON THE WAY. PLEASE EMAIL TO ORDER HGH.
100ius – $200
Minimum 3 packs.

Now Open Registration

We are now open to registration of new clients. Click shop to see product offers. More coming soon!


Eroids Review

I just wanted to say that anyone who comes across this source there good to go. I placed an order and when they say semi Stealth I actually assumed the normal ugl shipping methods. I was wrong they actually ship semi stealth. There not private but they have a kind of security on there site the password is MpG1 more

MPG domestic gear is amazing

Ok so I’ve been wanting to write up my input on MPG gear. First delivery was super fast I think 3-4 days. Communication point on as always. Gh I’ve been using for for 5 days. My right hand has been numb all day and I’m only running 4iu. I waited to use theirs till I ran out of my more

Mpg lands successfully

Wow just wow, if you are interested in getting stealth products and completely discrete product @MPG has this nailed down. Communication: 9 ( I think protonmail was an issue) Delivery: 9 ( if you follow much of what I post there was a misunderstanding and I will be glad to explain that if you deem it necessary to ask) more

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